Birthday Party, or Private Virtual Event $60

Christmas Offer (2)

Give the gift of a lifetime with a magical one-on-one mermaid meet and greet over Zoom.

  • Live video call, scheduled at your convenience (most calls last ~30 minutes)
    • See Echo’s recent Storytime Fundraiser for an example of a virtual event
    • We will select a time and date that works for you over email, and set up a Zoom video call. On the day, you and your child will tune in to play virtual games, enjoy mermaid stories, maybe even solve some puzzles and mysteries! Your child will have the opportunity to ask Echo any questions they have, chat, tell jokes, and make a magical bond with a real life mermaid! Most calls last between 15-20 minutes, and we will try not to go over half an hour. Some children just want to show Echo their new toys, and that’s just fine. Others want to sing songs, play games, and hear stories. Using my YMCA childcare training, I will follow what your child’s interests are, allowing them to structure their call into what they really want out of their time with a mermaid!


  • Choose to add any of the following for an additional $10 each
    • A high quality recording of your video call
      • Give the gift that keeps on giving by opting to record our magical video call. This way, you can watch it back, over and over, to keep the magic flowing. Don’t worry not about taking photos on the day – We’ll capture it all for you, just enjoy the moment!
    • Mermaid Makeover Treasure, mailed to your home
      • Includes an assortment of mermaid hair extensions, pirate eye patch, stickers, and temporary tattoos
    • Bespoke Mermaid Echo Coloring page, emailed to you
      • Designed by Echo’s best friend Mermaid Syphira, this coloring page will remind your child of our time together forever. Syphira is an Official Mertailor Affiliate and Professional Tail Design Artist.
    • Bespoke Mermaid Echo vinyl sticker and button, mailed to your home
      • Rep your membership in the Echo Family anywhere you go with Mermaid Echo Merch! My buttons and stickers are designed by independent artists all over the world, you’re supporting us both!

Book Now

Send Echo an email using the form below, or to, expressing your interest. Please give us some general information: child’s name, age, and occasion. Also let us know if you would like any Add-Ons.