Mermaid Echo is a professional mermaid entertainer, specializing in children’s conservation education. Mermaid Echo Entertainment LLC works to inspire the next generation to care for at-risk aquatic ecosystems through storytelling and hands-on learning.

Every event is better with a mermaid: Aquarium appearances, festivals, weddings, business promotions, advertising appearances, underwater modeling, circus events, corporate event ambiance, cruise sightings, and much, much more!

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Virtual Event:

Now offering virtual packages! With the magic of technology, we can make anything virtual: birthday parties, Christmas gifts, meet and greets, library appearances, classroom engagement, and more. I believe magic is more important now than ever, so schedule your slice of whimsy with me today!

Play games, sing songs, learn mermaid secrets – make your event unforgettable 

Public or Corporate Event:

Public or corporate events are usually ticketed events. They include festivals, corporate advertising partnerships, cruise sightings, renaissance fairs and more. If you dream it, we can do it!

Fully customizable to meet your needs!

Private Event:

Private events are usually invite-only events. They include birthday parties, weddings, private appearances, and more. If you can dream it, we can do it!

1.5 hours with Mermaid Echo, plus a picture postcard and mermaid treasures for every guest.
2 hours with Mermaid Echo, plus a picture postcard, mermaid treasures, and a magical mermaid scale for every guest!
1 hour with Mermaid Echo, plus a picture postcard for every guest.

Book your event today!

Send us an email using the form below or to info@mermaidecho.com